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NOTEoric™ is a simple and easy to use note program with alarm functionality. Multiple pinboards can be created to separate notes from different projects or topics.

  • Pinboard management: provides multiple pinboards
  • Alarm functionality: set a date/time controlled alarm per note
  • Colorful notes
  • Startable in system tray

Licence: Freeware
Version: 1.0.0

Windows (2.1 mb)

Attention! NOTEoric was developed with Java 6 - minimum requirement is Java 6 Update 7 to guarantee a correct functionality of the program.
To check on your installed version of Java or download a newer one, visit java.com.

Menu manual:
Add pinboard
Remove pinboard
Rename pinboard
Change sorting: move pinboard left
Change sorting: move pinboard right
Activate/deactivate all alarm notices (notes)
Open setup
About NOTEoric

Editing a note
To edit a note, simply double-click on it to open the note. The text area can be edited immediately. Additionally some settings can be changed.

Note manual:
Change note color
Set/deactivate alarm
Delete note
Approve changes
Cancel changes

Alarm function
Every note has it's own alarm function. Set the date and time to, for example, remind yourself of a TV show or an important meeting or date.

When the set time has come, a message window opens up and shows you the text of the note and the time of the alarm.

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