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Latest news

New section: Software, NOTEoric™ release, big design changes
Sunday, 25th January 2009
General news, RSS-Feed and small design changes
Saturday, 17th January 2009
New section: Music
Friday, 12th September 2008
Singularis™ Version 1.3
Thursday, 5th June 2008
Singularis™ Version 1.2, new gameplay video
Friday, 18th April 2008
New version of Singularis™ now available
Saturday, 12th April 2008
Game Trailers on Vimeo
Wednesday, 9th April 2008
New Singularis™-Version on the road
Monday, 7th April 2008
Changes on the Singularis™-Site
Wednesday, 19th March 2008
New Singularis™ Trailer
Sunday, 9th March 2008
Next project: Redux
Friday, 22nd February 2008
Site completed
Thursday, 20th December 2007
Singularis™ Release and Okashi Itsumo Reopening!
Sunday, 16th December 2007

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