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Name Status Release
The Irrational Thoughts of Mara Hadra™ In development TBA
Redux™ Prototype TBA
Sunwinds™ Prototype TBA
Variety of Skies™ Prototype-Trailer TBA
Blue Evergreen Syphony™ Concept TBA
Blue Evergreen Melody™ Concept TBA
Blue Evergreen Harmony™ Concept TBA
From Peach Blossoms and Citrus Fruits™ Concept TBA
Time and Glory™ Concept TBA
Sky filled with Neon™ Concept TBA
RGBG: White™ Concept TBA
RGBG: Black™ Concept TBA
Two Pieces™ Concept TBA
20 Miles till Paradise™ Concept TBA

Finished Projects
Name Version Release
Singularis™ 1.3 December 12, 2007
Soaped Up Air™ 1.1 June 28, 2009

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