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Soaped Up Air
2D puzzle skill game with action and arcade elements
Who hasn't used to play with soap bubbles? Or who does it nowadays? Can soap bubbles do more than we think?
Find out what's possible - because in Soaped Up Air™ soap bubbles do things, that you couldn't have imagined!

Solve tricky riddles, use the elements of nature and fight exciting boss battles - bring your soap bubble to places, where no soap bubble has gone before!
Space and beyond ... go on a adventurous and colorful journey through 4 thrilling realms. Collect secret special items, which give your soap bubble new abilities and find a way through 100 pulsating levels!

Windows (24.3 mb)

Full version features
  • 100 Levels, separated in 4 realms
  • Every realm has its own way of play and rules
  • Countless hidden special items to discover and collect
  • Three levels of difficulty
  • Exciting boss battles

Soaped Up Air - EUR 5
Full version Windows
Buy now

How to play
Goal of the game is to move your soap bubble from start to finish. Hold down the left mouse button to blow your soap bubble around in the level. But the way to the finish line is filled with barriers, dangers and meanders!

Press buttons, solve musical riddles and fight enemies to continue in your journey. Sometimes there is a need of cooperation of multiple soap bubbles to solve a puzzle ... and at the end of each realm a thrilling boss battle awaits you!

Soaped Up Air™
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