Okashi Itsumo
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Action-oriented 2D arcade skill game
The protozoa Proto has a ambitious goal - he want's to become the most powerful entity of the universe!
To reach his target, Proto invades into animals, travels through their bodies and settles down on their central nerve cord, where he gains control over them.

When he has control over them, he uses his victims to get to the next, more powerful animal - until he gains control over the most powerful entity within the universe ... a floating, black cat!

Obey Proto's will and help him to reach his goal!

Windows (31.5 mb)

Full version features
  • Over 300 maps, seperated in 5 chapters
  • Gain new skills through numerous evolutions
  • Three levels of difficulty
  • Stunning boss fights
  • Hidden secrets and items to collect and explore
  • Gain score points for beaten enemies and collected items and trade them for useful items
  • A funny story about an evil little protozoa ...

Singularis - EUR 5
Full version Windows
Buy now

How to play
Navigate Proto with forward and backward movement through the levels. Depending on your already gained skills, you can conquer your enemies differently - hide from them, trick them or play them off against one another, because aversions also exist among your enemies! Discover, who doesn't like whom and how you can take advantage of it ...

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